Meet Amarely and Nolis in Our Nutrition Program!

This is Amarely on the left. She is ten years old and likes the color pink. She enjoys eating soup and plays a lot of soccer. Math is her favorite subject in school. During a medical brigade to the area around her home, this little one was referred to the nutrition program. She entered with a weight of 57 pounds and has since gained 10 pounds! Her mother is enrolled in the sewing workshop and also sells candy. The family attends the Pagoda Church of Christ which is led by Baxter graduate Adrian Larin.

Meet Nolis, on the right. This five-year-old is happy, smart, and very helpful with the chores around the house. She was referred to the nutrition program by Dr. Xiomara Erazo due to her low weight one year ago. She only weighed 31 pounds when she entered the program, and at her final evaluation she had gained 10 pounds! Her father is a bricklayer and her mother has been enrolled in the beautician class. They are very happy for the food they receive and feel they were blessed with the quarterly medical and dental checkups.


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