March Madness!!

To most of our friends in the States, the term March Madness means a frenzy of basketball. Here at Baxter we have our share of March Madness, except for us, this frenzy is composed of seminars and mission teams.

The first week of March we were blessed with a thought-provoking and self-improvement inspiring seminar taught by brother Evertt Huffard on this year’s theme “The Year to Redefine Christian Leadership.” Brother Huffard redefined spiritual leadership as unseen influence. Each day built up to the students’ final test where they were tasked with writing an account of their lives and all the events that have led them to where they are now. From this, students looked at the unseen influence people demonstrated in their own lives to lead them to Christ and were inspired to look for ways to influence others for Christ.

Immediately following Brother Huffard’s seminar, this year’s first short-term mission groups began arriving at Baxter. A first time-group from Madison, Alabama, assembled food bags for a local congregation, put on a VBS, built two houses for local brothers and sisters in Christ, and encouraged our students. Baxter also was pleased to host two groups which came primarily to work with Breaking Chains. They did an excellent job with building houses, feeding the hungry, as well as some much-needed projects around campus.

To cap off the month, Mary Nelson with Mission Bible Class flew all the way from New Zealand to teach our Baxter women the best methods for sharing the Word of God with children of all ages. After the seminar for our students, she hosted a workshop here on campus with 192 women from 29 congregations in attendance. The Baxter women assisted Mary by leading the small group rotation in which they applied what they had learned from her.

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