A Little Slice of Heaven

Marc and Emily Potvin spent three weeks on campus while doing their paperwork on adopting little Mario. Here’s their story:
“My family started the adoption process in Honduras in November 2015. The process has been extremely tedious, challenging, and rewarding. We found our self in the final stages of the process in November 2017. It was a long two years, but being matched with a lively 5 year old boy named Mario made the journey accelerating and fulfilling! We have traveled to Honduras on numerous week long trips, but this final stay would requirea stay of four to

six weeks. My wife and I were excited to get to Tegucigalpa and start the final procedures, but staying away from our home and two children was concerning, sad, and stressful. I started the hunt for lodging in a third world country and was concerned about security, price, and accommodations.

“After numerous web searches and phone calls we found ourselves in a two bedroom / one bath apartment on the campus of Baxter Institute.

“Baxter turned out to be a slice of heaven on Earth! The best partof our three week stay at Baxter was the beautiful Christian people that makes Baxter a precious gem. We were welcomed with open arms by the staff, students, and drivers! The campus is guarded by 24 hour security and ample grounds to walk, run, or play soccer on the play court. The campus has plenty of trees, plants, and squirrels to admire as I sipped my morning Honduran coffee! We were able to take advantage of the local food from the near by restaurant or the on-site cafeteria which we walked to daily. We had a fully stocked kitchen to cook in our apartment after traveling to the local stores for groceries. Being

able to have choices was such a blessing when staying in a place for such a long period of time.

“We were able to walk to the local park, walk to Church on Sundays, and travel in the taxi for five minutes to get to the Cascades Mall. Baxter was kind enough to get me in contact with a local taxi driver named Mario. Mario is the best “uber” driver I have ever encountered! He was safe, spoke English, and was ready to pick us up anytime we made the call; which wedid daily! His wife works at Baxter, so that

gave my wife and me an added level of comfort while traveling. Our main point of travel was the Cascades Mall it is a five start store with a food court, TGI Fridays, and movie theater. It was a safe location to “get away” and feel like I was back in Tennessee.

“Another added benefit that came from staying at Baxter was the ability to send Mario, our new son, to the preschool that is located on the campus. The two teachers were so welcoming and understanding of our situation with Mario. They allowed him to engage in the class at his pace and by the end of three weeks was a star student! He was also able to go the onsite medical clinic for anear infection, and was able to get his teeth cleaned at the Baxter dental clinic! Having all these luxuries in one place was definitely an answer to so many of our prayers.

“The apartments at Baxter are filled with Christians that want to spread the word of God and their actions spoke so much louder than there words. They let us borrow extra blankets, fans, bug spray, and most importantly their time. They invited us to their apartments for dinners and coffee. They were eager to cook their local foods for us to try. Their kindness toward us and Mario was such a blessing for him and us. We cannot thank them enough for impacting this adoption journey and our lives the only way true Christians can!

“During our final night at Baxter before traveling back home we decided to offer coffee and cake to those families that were kind to us during our stay. I would have never believed our little apartment would be filled with thirty people laughing, singing, and eating! It is amazing to see how God uses people from all around the world to impact your life. The memories that we made at Baxter will be forever engraved in our hearts. I want to thank Steve and Oscar for allowing us the ability to stay at beautiful Baxter and meet such beautiful people.

“Thank you to all the people that make Baxter Institute possible. May God bless all your efforts moving forward.” Marc and Emily Potvin

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