Lupe Mayo was born in Mexico. He moved to the United States when he was only a teenager. While he was in the States he became a Christian. After finishing High School he returned to Latin America to study at Baxter, graduating in 2006. The following year he became the youngest Baxter professor at 23. Lupe studied organizational psychology at CEUTEC-UNITEC in Tegucigalpa, successfully graduating in 2013. He and his wife, Paty, have an eight year-old son, Isaí. In 2018 Lupe finished his Master’s Degree as a Family Therapist. Presently, he serves as Bible teacher at the Kennedy Church of Christ in Tegucigalpa. At Baxter he teaches subjects related to counseling and psychology. He is also the director of the students fourth year PAM internship and the director of the fifth year program training, where he works in virtual education with graduates in more than ten different countries.